GLOBAL ROCK SUMMIT showcase artists


Thursday, March 24th.

6:15pm: Blitz Union - Stage 1

7:00pm: Single By Sunday - Stage 1

7:30pm: aliensdontringdoorbells - Stage 2

8:00pm: Stereotide - Stage 1

8:30pm: Kaj Pousar - Stage 2

9:00pm: Electric Lady - Stage 1

9:30pm: Fire Tiger - Stage 2

Blitz Union


Origin: Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: Jan Storm

Song: "Money Crazy World"

Edgy guitar riffs, pop-style electro hooks, danceable industrial beats and, of course, lead singer Mark Blitz's distinctive vocals combined with futuristic visuals and a strong message – these are the trademarks of the Czech EDM rockers from Blitz Union. The quartet has generated over 5 million streams on music and video platforms with both of its EPs, solidifying its status as one of the most exciting new acts in all of Europe. Blitz Union is now releasing "Absolution" – its impatiently awaited debut album!

Blitz Union was founded in 2019 in Prague. Mark Blitz, Schtorm, Governor and Shodushi have known each other since their kindergarten days and are now fighting side by side for the Blitz Union cause. Audiences began noticing the quartet two years ago when they released their debut EP "Revolution," produced with studio icon Steve Thompson (Korn, Guns `N Roses, Madonna). Inspired by modern metal bands like Rammstein, Korn, Static-X, or Marilyn Manson and electronica acts like Deadmau5, Blitz Union brings together distinctly different influences and combines them with opulent visuals and their stylish stage look to create a captivating overall concept. The band celebrated its live premiere in the legendary "Whisky a Go Go" in Hollywood, followed by shows at the Los Angeles Music Conference and multiple festival performances in their Czech homeland. Blitz Union also toured in Germany in 2019 when they played two celebrated support slots for Oomph! The releases in early 2021 took them from being a hot insider tip to one of the most promising new bands in Europe's alternative rock scene. Streams of their songs and videos have since exploded to over 5 million; 1.8 million on YouTube alone. Blitz Union reach 80k monthly listeners on Spotify and 50k monthly listeners on Yandex, the largest Russian Internet search engine. The work Blitz Union began with their debut EP "Revolution" and expanded upon their streaming throughout 2021 is now continuing with the announcement of their very first full-length album "Absolution" coming November 26.

The foursome uses their songs to delve into the challenges facing Generation Y: current social and political issues like environmental destruction, climate change, abuse of power, political persecution, homophobia, isolation, exploitation, corruption, the bubble mentality, and social injustice. The members of Blitz Union see themselves as a kind of movement, an industrial rock think tank working towards a new vision for the future that evolves in a continuing dialog with their steadily growing fan base. Blitz Union presents the ideas of change, hope, and the ability to take a broader view in their first full-length album. "We want to encourage all our listeners to free themselves of any sense of guilt with 'Absolution,'" said lead singer Mark Blitz about the philosophy behind the album. "Even though it feels like the world is moving in the wrong direction, we're all in the same boat. Maybe we can turn the helm if we all work together! Our task now is to find a common path forward for humanity. A path away from nationalism, from borders and any kind of social division. We need to stand together and finally face global challenges."

The quartet composed, recorded, and produced each song on "Absolution" itself in the band's own studio and with the help of Blitz Union's unofficial fifth member: a mysterious figure named Mr. Blitz who uses the band to channel his messages. He appears throughout the band's artwork, video clips and during their live performances. But Mark Blitz doesn't want to reveal too much about his enigmatic source. "He has appeared to me since my childhood," said the singer. "Back then I didn't really know what to think of it, but I've gotten used to him now. Mr. Blitz often appears in stormy nights when the atmosphere feels charged and there is a certain kind of electricity in the air. And it is important that I completely free my mind. He sends me images, melodies and thoughts, and the messages come within a split second. It's impossible to consciously influence or force it. Sometimes he comes to me a couple of times a day, sometimes he's gone for months. Then I try to translate his messages into lyrics."

These messages can now be found on "Absolution." In addition to familiar hits like "Not Proud (To Be A Human Being)," "Money-Crazy World," "Human Robot," "Plastic," or "TV," the album includes five brand new songs, particularly the single "Get Up" – the band's take on self-determination and resilience. "Rules are important," explained Mark Blitz, "but many of these regulations also prevent us from thinking freely and trusting our instincts and our gut feelings. Many of our fears and neuroses were imposed on us in our childhood. Later we have to go through the pain of learning how to free ourselves of the things that hamper our mental potential. It's about freeing ourselves from a certain 'social corset' and instead using our inner strength to go our own way." This is an integral theme that continues in the danceable motivational hymn "My Own Road." In "Hotel India Victoria," Blitz Union uses the NATO phonetic alphabet to take up another urgent issue that has long since fallen off the public's radar: HIV. "In the 1980s and 1990s, AIDS was an ever-present issue. Today, hardly anyone talks about it even though this disease hasn't lost its deadly edge in the third world or in Russia. AIDS simply doesn't catch people's attention anymore. We want to use this track to raise people's awareness that millions are still suffering with this syndrome." Blitz Union is not afraid to speak uncomfortable truths, as the band demonstrated with both of its socially critical pieces "The Truth" and "Candidate," which are about the games played with facts – and what we believe to be facts. "The truth always has two sides," said Mark Blitz. "It can be your friend if you're honest. But it can also become your enemy when facts are twisted to meet the needs of the hour. I see 'Candidate' as more of a parody of politicians' campaigns when they run for office. The game is the same everywhere in the world; before the election, they lure people in with generous promises. And afterwards, nothing happens. I could nominate myself for office. The result would be the same. I could laugh about it if it wasn't so sad."

"Absolution" ends with a dark and atmospheric track that paints vivid mental pictures: "S.V.P.D.A." – the abbreviation for "Spirit. Vision. Power. Desire. Action." A slogan that sums up Blitz Union's work one last time. "Our goal is to bring together like-minded individuals with similar ideas and ideals." Mark Blitz went on talking about why the band recorded their hit single "Plastic" in six (six!) different languages: English, German, Czech, Spanish, Russian and even Japanese. "Our connection to our fans is essential. We invite everyone to come together and think about how we want to live in the future. We use our songs to process the issues that we and our generation are dealing with today – these matters need urgent attention. Of course, we don't have one universal solution for all of the world's problems, but we at least want to inspire the audience to think about these things."

Blitz Union is currently planning a tour and various festival performances for 2022, where the band will present the songs on "Absolution" live for the first time.