GLOBAL ROCK SUMMIT showcase artists


Thursday, March 24th.

6:15pm: Blitz Union - Stage 1

7:00pm: Single By Sunday - Stage 1

7:30pm: aliensdontringdoorbells - Stage 2

8:00pm: Stereotide - Stage 1

8:30pm: Kaj Pousar - Stage 2

9:00pm: Electric Lady - Stage 1

9:30pm: Fire Tiger - Stage 2



Origin: Kladno, Czech Republic
Contact: Tereza Rays

Song: "Influenza"

Tereza Rays (ELECTRIC LADY) is a guitarist and singer - born on 6 February 1987 in Kladno, in the Czech Republic. She is the main songwriter, lyricist and arranger of her music. She is managed and produced by Roman Rossi.

Tereza is currently a sponsored by Ibanez and Blackstar, in the past she has represented Fender. She has collaborated with many Czech and international artists. At the age of 15, she started playing the guitar and singing, inspired by the music of Jimi Hendrix. Her parents didn't support her music career and Tereza went her own way founding the trio Electric Lady in 2013.

Electric Lady's first release was the single "Storm", which reached the European MTV and in Russia - Russian Music Box, where they placed the video on rotation.

Tereza flew to New Orleans for 3 months, where she performed on the streets and in small clubs. Upon returning to the Czech Republic, she won the international blues competition 'Blues Aperitif', for young talent and at Blues Alive in the Czech Republic and Poland. In 2015, she released her debut album "Electrical", which she recorded in Texas, at the invitation of drummer Kirk Covington. Tereza also was endorsed by Fender.

2016 was a breakthrough year - touring with fellow Czech band Mandrage and performing in front of 80,000 people. Tereza collaborated with Ivan Kral on the song "A Part Of My Heart" and her band performed in front of American bassist Nik West in my home city Pilsen, and Eric Gales in Prague.

In 2020, Electric Lady released her biggest and most ambitious release, Trilogy 2020 written by Tereza and Roman Rossi - under the Nemoros Agency and in collaboration with KOBALT. With this release Tereza collaborated with UK producer, Nigel Lowis and the project includes a film adaptation of the 3 songs which now seems like a prophecy. The songs really looks as if we were inspired by these crazy Covid time. However, the opposite is true - the work was written in 2018, well before the pandemic.

Trilogy is: REBELIA - with a strong ecological basis, POLITICA - as a challenge and fear of the future of the world, INFLUENZA as a "disease of society"

The whole Trilogy was conceived as a spectacular rock show with many musical guests and special effects. We are looking for a partner for this show, which would have a musical and artistic impact on every individual worldwide. This strong theme will appeal to everyone!

Trilogy took 17 months of preparation and 5 producers with the arrangement of one song reworked 6 times. The recording took 9 days with the first song containing over 400 tracks. One song also was recorded at 6 music studies, not just in the Czech Republic. With its scope and elaboration of the trilogy - therefore, the works to be continued in the Czech Republic have no work of comparison.

For 2022, Tereza has announced gigs around the world – including the USA, Poland, UK, Norway, Slovakia, Czech Republic and VIP private events in Russia, including the announcement of music awards "REALNA PREMIE".

Tereza was endorsed by IBANEZ and BLACKSTAR in2021 and 2022 sees several concerts around the world, performing in the USA at the Global Rock Summit with further US dates planned. The dates of concerts in Europe and Russia are currently being confirmed.